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Genecoder molecular biology software is platform independent and only requires JavaTM 1.6 or later.


Whats New

  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Align Sanger Trace Files
  • Command line utilities

Program Features

  • Sequence Database
  • Support for a large array of sequence file formats (default: Genbank)
  • Dynamic Restriction Site Analysis of DNA sequences
  • Editable Restriction Enzyme Library
  • Highlight, select, analyze, and save regions of interest
  • Create Linear and Circular Restriction Maps
  • Pairwise and multiple sequence alignments.
  • Plugin API to extend tools, views, and readable file formats.
  • Comprehensive preferences
  • Remote NCBI BLAST and Entrez Queries and downloads
  • View and analyze DNA sequence trace chromatagrams
  • Search for common sequences from an editable database of sequences
  • Analyze oligonucleotides for PCR and/or siRNA
  • And much more...

GeneCoder Support

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